Calvary Hill Baptist Church


November 2017


Section A. Name. This congregation shall be known and designated as the Calvary Hill Baptist Church of Fairfax, Virginia.

Section B. Affiliation. Calvary Hill Baptist Church shall be affiliated with the Northstar Church Network, the Baptist General Association of Virginia, and all other like minded Baptist churches and organizations so designated by Calvary Hill Baptist Church.

Section C. Purpose. The purpose of Calvary Hill Baptist Churchis to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to minister to the needs of the membership of this church, to serve the community of which it is a part, and to reach out to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in every place for the sake of His Kingdom.

Section D. Government. The Government of Calvary Hill Baptist Churchis vested in the membership. It is subject to the control of no other ecclesiastical body. As an independent fellowship it recognizes the value of voluntary association with churches of like faith.

Section E. Doctrine. Calvary Hill Baptist Churchrecognizes the unique and ultimate authority of the Holy Scriptures as the basis for its faith and practice. It believes in those doctrines of the Christian faith to which Baptists have historically subscribed, granting to each member the right to interpret and practice the teachings of Scripture under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Section A. Church Membership. Membership in the church is reserved for those persons who make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Section B. Baptism. Those seeking membership in the church must be baptized. Baptism is taught in the Scripture as ordained by our Lord Jesus as an act of faith and obedience. Immersion is understood as the proper mode of Baptism. Those persons seeking membership from another Christian tradition are encouraged to be immersed as a sign of solidarity with the church. Baptism by imersion is not, however, a prerequisite for membership. Persons baptized and confirmed in another Christian tradition may apply for membership, and must acknowledge baptism by immersion as a valid Biblical model.

Section C. Becoming a Member. Persons may present themselves for membership at any worship service. When a person comes from another fellowship, Calvary Hill Baptist Churchwill notify that fellowship and will request a transfer of membership according to the practice of that fellowship.

Section D. Rights, Privileges and Duties. All members of Calvary Hill Baptist Church shall have equal rights and privileges. Only members of the church are entitled to vote and be elected officers.  

Section E. Membership Termination. Membership may be terminated through action by the church, by transfer of letter, by uniting with a church of another faith, by death, by removal from the rolls after finding that the member cannot be located, by personal request or by reason of discipline.


Section A. Worship.  
1.Public services for worship shall be held regularly on Sunday and at such other times as may be decided by the pastor, deacons and congregation.
2.The Lord's Supper shall be observed every month and on special occasions as the pastor or deacons may recommend.
3.Other religious services may be called by the pastor, deacons or congregation. Any such meeting requiring the expenditure of funds not included in the budget must be approved by the congregation.

Section B. Business.
1. Quorum. Five percent of the roll of resident members shall constitute a quorum, except for the election of officers, ten percent, and for the call or dismissal of a pastor, 40 percent shall be necessary.

2. Regular Business Meetings. Regular meetings for business shall be held February, June, September, and December. Church officers and committee chairpersons will make reports at these meetings as necessary. The third quarterly business meeting shall be designated as the annual business meeting. At this time, written reports of the work of the previous year will be submitted by church officers and committee chairpersons.
3. Special Business Meetings. The pastor, deacons or trustees may call a special business meeting by giving notice from the pulpit and in a church publication at least two consecutive Sundays in advance of such meeting. The notice shall clearly state the purpose of the meeting. A special meeting will be limited to the subject matter stated in the notice. A special meeting may be called with less than a week's notice if necessary in the combined judgment of the pastor, deacons and trustees; for example for the expenditure of funds not allocated in the annual budget.
4. Order of Business. The most recent edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern all business meetings.


Section A. Pastor.
1.Spiritual Oversight. The pastor shall have spiritual oversight of the church. The Pastor shall:
seek, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to interpret the Word of God to the church through preaching, teaching, counseling, and personal conduct.
give pastoral care to the membership.
be in charge of all the services of the church.
administer the ordinances of the church.

2. Administration.
The Pastor shall:
Administer the affairs of the church.
Be an ex-officio member of all committees and organizations.

3.Calling a Pastor In the event of a vacancy in the pastorate, the church in a regular business meeting, or a special meeting called by the deacons, shall elect from its active members, a Pastor Search Committee consisting of five (5) regular members and two (2) alternate members. The deacons shall nominate four (4) and the church council shall nominate three (3) members from the congregation for this committee.  

The committee shall present the name of only one pastoral candidate at a time for the consideration of the church, and then only when they are ready to recommend.

Recommendations shall be made to the church at a meeting following two Sunday announcements in the morning service. No other nominations shall be made before the vote on the committee's recommendation. A three-fourths majority vote of those present shall be necessary to extend a call.

The church-pastor relationship, established when the pastor accepts a call extended by the church, shall continue as long as it is mutually desirable. The termination of service of the pastor shall end upon the effective date of resignation, or upon a three-fourths majority vote of membership present at a business meeting favoring termination of service.

Section B. Staff. The staff of the church is under church control.  

The pastor shall serve as supervisor of the staff. The duties and responsibilities of the staff shall be described or defined by the personnel committee.

Section C. Selection of Ministerial Staff. Additional ministerial staff as provided for in the budget shall be called by the church upon recommendation of the staff personnel committee in agreement with the pastor and shall assume duties as set forth in the call.


Section A. Term of Service The term of service for all officers, church council members,committeemembers , and ministry leaders shall commence on the first Sunday in January and conclude one year later.
Section B. Deacons.
1.Responsibilities. Under the guidance of the pastor the deacons shall assist in the spiritual oversight of the church.
a.The deacons shall set example of genuine Christian faith and conduct. They shall give faithful support to the church's programs and ministries through attendance and leadership, and shall practice generous Christian stewardship in the financial support of the church.
b.They shall be responsible for evaluating the ongoing programs of the church in the light of God’s mission in Jesus Christ.. They shall provide leadership with respect to that program to the end that the church shall be an effective and compassionate witness for Jesus Christ.
c.They shall minister to the needs of the fellowship with particular emphasis upon ministry to the families of the church.
d.They shall assist the pastor in serving the Lord's Supper.
e.When the church is without a pastor, the deacons shall arrange for the temporary preaching ministry of the church and shall exercise supervision of all worship services; but they shall not be responsible for procedure in securing a new pastor.
2.Qualifications. In accordance with the work and the practice of the New Testament, deacons are to be servants of the church. A deacon shall be a resident member of exemplary moral conduct and proven spiritual leadership and must have been a member of this church for at least one year prior to nomination.

3.The Deacon Body. The regular term of service shall be three years, with the term of office of one-third of the members expiring each year, except in years where sufficient numbers of new deacons are not available. The deacons annually shall elect their own chairperson at their first meeting of the year over which the pastor shall preside until a chairperson is elected.

Section C Trustees. The trustees shall consist of three members elected annually by the church. They shall be approved and appointed by the Fairfax County Court. They shall hold in trust the property of the church, and represent the church in all legal and contractual matters. The trustees shall be responsible for seeing that the church is at all times properly protected by insurance against loss by fire and other damage to property, against misappropriation of funds or theft, and against claims of church liability. The trustees shall elect their own chairperson. The trustees shall arrange for an annual audit of the church's accounting records.

Section D. Moderator. The moderator shall preside at all regular and special business meetings of the church and shall be elected each year by the church at the 2nd quarterly business meeting to serve for the ensuing year. The moderator may be the pastor or any member duly elected by the church.

Section E. Clerk. The clerk of the church shall be responsible for the keeping of the official records of all the actions of the church; shall take necessary measures to notify all officers, members of committees, and messengers of their election or appointment; shall notify appropriate officers, committees, or organizations of church action pertaining to their respective areas of responsibility. The clerk shall maintain the official book of policy decisions made by the church; be responsible for the preservation of all official communications and reports, and the giving of official notice of all meetings where such notice is necessary. The clerk shall be assisted by the church secretary in the discharge of the above responsibilities.

Section F. Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. The treasurer shall at all times be responsible to oversee the keeping of accurate accounts, according to the system by which the budget was approved, of all receipts and disbursements and shall disburse all funds upon proper authorization by the church. The treasurer shall oversee the deposits of all funds; shall render reports of receipts, disbursements, and balances to the church at its regular business meetings and at such other times as may be requested. All books, records, and accounts kept by the treasurer shall be considered the property of the church.

In the discharge of these responsibilities the treasurer shall be assisted by the church secretary or any other church designated representative. The treasurer shall be an ex-officio member of the Finance/Budget Committee.

An assistant treasurer shall be elected each year to serve in the absence or incapacity of the treasurer and shall be an ex-officio member of the Finance/Budget Committee.

Section G. Financial Secretary. The financial secretary shall receive all records of contributions from the tellers and shall record each contribution. Statements of contributions shall be prepared and distributed on a quarterly basis. An individual's contributions are considered confidential between the individual and the financial secretary. All books and records pertaining to the work of the financial secretary shall be considered the property of the church. The financial secretary shall be a member of the accounting section of the stewardship committee.

Section H. Nomination of Officers, The General Nominating Committee should present at the second quarterly church business meeting nominations for all church officers.  


Section A. The Church Council. The Church Council is the coordinating body for the church’s ministries and administration, including long range planning. Church Council will be comprised of the Leads for each Team, the Pastor, Deacon Chair, and two At-Large members. The Team Leads will represent Budget and Finance, Building and Grounds, Discipleship, Hospitality/Kitchen, Missions/Local Ministry, Pastor Search, Personnel, and Vision. Church Council shall elect its chair from among its members. The Church Council shall meet at least quarterly and may invite other officers and leaders to meet with it as needed. The Church Council will make regular updates to the congregation in the bulletin, newsletter, and in business meetings. The Church Council is empowered to propose new ministries and committees as may be necessary to effect the proper administration of the church.

Section B.  Teams.  

Section C. Composition and Duties of Teams and Ministries. The number of members and duties of all teams and ministries shall be kept on file in the church office at all times. The number of members and duties of any team or ministry may be changed at any time by direction of the church without amending the Constitution.  

Section D. Term of Service. Working closely with church staff, Church Council will nominate team leaders for the existing eight teams described in Section A above, as well as any future teams that are created. Proposed team leaders will be elected annually by the congregation at the December business meeting. Team leaders will serve for a term of two years; however, Church Council will review the slate of team leaders annually in preparation for the congregation’s vote. Terms may be extended at the discretion of the individual serving as team leader and Church Council. 
In addition to team leaders, all members of the Budget and Finance Team, Personnel Team, and Pastor Search Team (chosen in accordance with Constitution & Bylaws) will be elected by the congregation. No other team members require election.  
Church Council At-Large members will be nominated by the team leaders and will serve initially for one and two years respectively so that a pattern of rotation can be established, avoiding replacement of the entire Church Council at once. After that, At-Large members will serve a term of two years with annual election by the congregation along with the other team leaders on Church Council.  
Team leaders shall be responsible for staffing their respective teams. Unless otherwise specified in the Constitution and By-laws, each team shall be comprised of a minimum of three people including a team leader and two members. At the team’s discretion, more members may be added. Teams may also recruit members of the congregation to participate and support specific projects or initiatives as appropriate. 


Section A. Licensing. Upon request from an individual and an affirmative recommendation from the deacons, the church may vote to license a member to the gospel ministry.

Section B. Ordaining. The church may ordain as a minister of the gospel anyone called of God. The church shall first have called an advisory and examining council from other Baptist churches and received a favorable written report from the council.

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of ten percent of the resident members present and voting at any regular meeting of the church, or at a meeting specially called for that purpose. The proposed amendments must be provided by publication to the church membership not less than one month before the business meeting at which such proposals will be considered. All proposed amendments to the constitution shall originate in or be submitted through a duly elected temporary or ad hoc committee.

Below (written in BLUE)  are proposed changes to the Calvary Hill Baptist Church Constitution.  The changes will be discussed at the December 17, 2017, Business Meeting which will be held after service.  The changes will be voted on during the next Called Business Meeting (date to be determined).